Wealth Transfers

‘Nexus Lane’ Wealth Transfers

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We help our clients with niche investment solutions that offer unique advantages conducive to estate planning and wealth transfers, in comparison to traditional investments. These solutions are market-based investments with protection for amounts invested. There are no medical requirements to be eligible for these solutions, and no medical underwriting is required. Below are a few examples of how we have helped our clients. Names have been changed for confidentiality.

Monica received an inheritance she was in the process of investing. She has a son (Ben) from her first marriage and two stepchildren. She wishes to leave funds to each child when she passes, but a larger share to Ben. Ben has a tendency to be irresponsible with money.

The solution we implemented will maintain privacy regarding Ben’s unequal inheritance amount and is an elegantly simple way for Ben to receive the funds gradually instead of a lump sum.

Ron, 64, is retired and has a medical condition. He wants his investments, which are to be passed on to his family, to participate in the equity markets but have protection against market downturns.

The solution we implemented will ensure that if Ron passes away prematurely at a time when the market value of the investments has declined below the amount invested, that his family is guaranteed to receive the higher / latter amount.

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